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Frequent Asked Questions


We hope you will find answers to your questions in this section if not, please contact us.

General operation of the Website

Can we add an ad without being a member?

No, you must be a member, however it is simple to register and FREE.

How do we create an account?

Click on the « Login/Registration » button, then you can create your account directly on the website by filling the fields provided or using your Facebook account.

How do we add an ad?

First of all you must be a member, if it is not yet the case, refer to the question « How to create an account ».
If you are already a member, you can add an ad by logging into your profile via the « Login/Registration » button or Facebook:

  • Click on the button « Publish an ad »;
  • Select the desired category and complete the other required fields;
  • You can add photos and / or video (s).

How long time my ad is kept?

As long as your account is valid, your ad will be valid, unless you delete it.
For details on the validity period of your account, please refer to the question « How long is my account valid? »

How long time my account is kept?

Your account is valid forever.
However, without an activity within one (1) year, it will be disabled.
But before E-mail reminders will be sent to you.

Can I add an ad with a financial transaction?

No, it is strictly forbidden to add monetary ad. This Website is only dedicated to sharing FREE goods and services.

Does this Website work in other regions?

Yes, effectively one of GOGIVEGO’s primary goal is to allow people around the world to post ads. So do not hesitate to share this opportunity with all your knowledge, from here and elsewhere.

How do we communicate with other members?

You can contact them by sending E-mails.

Can we ask for a service, even if we do not offer anything?

Yes, you can ask for a service even if you have nothing to offer. However, the goal is not only to RECEIVE but also to GIVE.

Do you have a public visibility?

Yes we have a Facebook page and Google+ accessible either from our Website at the bottom of every page or from any search engine.

How to change my password if I forget it?

On the homepage, click on « Login / Registration » at the top of the page on the right;

  • Click on « forgot your password », follow the instructions and you will receive an email to modify it;
  • Once the email is received click on the link provided, which is valid for 15 minutes, then follow the instructions to renew your password. Please respect the validity period, otherwise you will have to restart the whole process.

How to change my password?

  • Log in to your account by using the « Sign In / Register » tab;
  • Select the option « My Account»;
  • Tap « Change my password » and follow the steps indicated.

How do i unsubscribe to alert emails?

Go back to your ad and in the bottom of your ad you will see the option ‘delete my email alert / text message’.

How should I do to receive newsletters?

First, be aware that this opportunity is without obligation to subscribe to the Website and that you can unsubscribe at any time. Go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the left and fill in your email address and click on « Send ».

How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter?

It’s simple, just take the last email that has been sent to you and at the bottom of this email you have the link ‘unsubscribe to the Newsletter’. Click on it and follow the instructions.

How do we use the search bar on Home page?

All you need to do is write the keywords of what you are looking for, by country, region / province, city, color, categories, etc.

What is the difference between the « Services » and « Volunteer » categories?

Services are dedicated to individuals, while Volunteering is dedicated to public or private organizations.

Is this website responsive on mobile devices?

Yes, GOGIVEGO is adaptive on all mobile devices.

Can I add an ad with a financial transaction?

Indeed, since March 2019, GOGIVEGO offers to users the opportunity to announce goods or services for a financial transaction up to a maximum of $100 Canadian equivalent to your country currency. This one must to be symbolic, remember the first goal of this platform is the MUTUAL HELP.

In summary, what is GOGIVEGO?

GOGIVEGO allows you to share goods or services, as follows:

  • Give or receive for FREE
  • Exchange
  • Make symbolic transactions (up to a maximum of $100 Canadian, equivalent to your country currency)